Advantages of Zero Turn Mowers

Zero turn mowers have made owners of big lawns thankful for the technological advancement. Zero turn mowers have practically lowered the average mowing time which is a blessing because let’s face it; mowing is not a breezy experience. In fact, Stephen King even went through the lengths to pen a short horror story about mowing called “The Lawnmower Man”.  Anyway, the price to pay for a great lawn is not free unfortunately, and it comes with labor and a lot of sweat.

Zero turn mowers have significantly cut back lawn mowing time by 60% of the total time citing which is a very impressive observation. This has to do with the fact that zero turn movers are easier to use, handle and maneuver. There is more than one reason as to why zero turn mowers have taken the mower world by a storm. And as the grass is always greener on the other side, zero turn mowers have been looked upon as the next shiny thing and the many advantages of zero turn mowers are listed below:

Easy maneuvering

Easy is under describing it when it comes to how simple and uncomplicated it is to use a zero turn mower. First of all, a traditional lawn mower gets the work done; you may even achieve your dream lawn with a traditional mower. But it goes without saying that a traditional mower is not the best when it comes to obstacles and the sharp corners in your lawn. It is a common scenario, where a traditional mower will leave uncut grass which would require the person to repeat mowing the already mowed areas making it a lengthy process. Backing up and taking passes over a row can become a huge task in the case of a traditional mower. However, using a zero turn mower eliminates all those problems. A zero turn mower has the ability to turn 180 degrees at the end of each mowing row which leaves no grass uncut. It should also be added that mowing with a zero turn mower gives the feel of a “professional job” done to your lawn.

Zero turn mowers also come with independent levers where each lever can be used independently purely to turn left or right and to move back and front. Everyone can work a lever and this is why zero turn mowers are considered to be highly maneuverable even by the most incapable people. And with this, with the ease of use, the functionality also makes it possible for the mower to mow small spaces, hard corners and obstacles with ease.

Reduced mowing time

As mentioned earlier, using a zero turn mower reduces the mowing time by a major percentage and it is true. This is a selling point for a zero turn mower as the reasons for the reduced mowing are attributed to all the best qualities of the said mower.

First of all, as discussed in the first point, even beginner mowers can work the mower with ease because of its easy functionality. Everyone and anyone can understand the way a zero turn mower works because of the levers. Because of this, a zero turn mower is incredibly easy to mow over obstacles, small spaces and sharp corners. If a patch of grass is known to give you a routine headache during your mowing sessions, consider your arch nemesis seeing the last light of the day with a zero turn mower.

Second of all, a zero turn mower is also designed to move at a speed that is twice the speed of a traditional mower. While a traditional lawn mower cuts grass at a speed of 3-4 mph, it is safe to say that a zero turn mower can cut grass at 5-8 mph. the speed and easy maneuver makes a super cocktail of reducing mowing time by at least 50% to 60%.

Third of all, it is required that with a typical mower, a person is expected to back up after reaching the end of the lawn. But since a zero turn mower has the ability to make a 180 degree spin, a person need not turn back but can come straight back up without missing the strips of grass as you normally would with a traditional mower. This helps you save an awful lot of time as well.

And lastly, with zero turn mowers, no strip of grass is safe as it can reach every corner. This means that an after trimming is not necessary.

Additional accessories

It has been established that a zero turn mower does the job that it was designed for extremely well. But there is just more to cutting grass from a zero turn mower. There is an added versatility to a zero turn mower because of the accessories that come with the mower; in fact, mowing the lawn has never been this fun!

The most popular feature of a zero turn mower is the bagger that arrives with it. The bag can automatically collect the grass while mowing the lawn which eliminates the mess that is typical when a traditional lawn mower is used. This bagging system for collecting grass is also available in different types such as the one bucket system and the two bucket system.

This bagging system is powered with a belt which is driven to blow the cut grass into the bag or the bucket. As usual, the versatility of a zero turn mower never fails to impress the public as it literally covers all the corners of cutting grass. A lever is usually provided for tilting the bag or the bucket to empty them once it is full with grass so that you can continue with bliss in the midst of the scent of freshly cut grass.

Besides the bagging system, a zero turn mower has a variety of attachments to the rear like a dump cart which is used for dumping the cut grass from the bagging system. Sprayer or a roller, an aerator, a seed spreader or a snow plow can all be added at your request or they come in tact with the model of certain zero turn mowers. Rounding off, the versatility of the machine only increases the efficiency of the mower and if one can get creative, there is no stopping.

Fuel efficiency

Another reason that a zero turn mower prevails over a traditional lawn mower is the fact that it has lower fuel costs. A zero turn mower has lower MPG’s as compared to a normal lawn mower, but the fact that it cuts back the mowing time by at least half makes it a fuel efficient machine.

There are zero turn mowers that run on batteries. These battery-operated zero turn mowers have even lower fuel costs as compared to zero turn mowers that run on fuel. Of course, the battery-operated zero turn mowers are more expensive, but the amount of money that one saves up in not having the need to buy fuel is tremendous. There are a lot of models out there for those interested and it is a guarantee that for every cent spent, the value is reaped in two fold!

Highly durable

Zero turn mowers are designed to be durable and to withstand even the harshest of climatic conditions. Not only that, as mentioned earlier, they have a long-lasting life which comes with the price tag. The deck and the frame construction of a zero turn mower are mostly made out of high quality, low gauge steel of thick material. The rear mounted engine of a zero turn mower is also surrounded with steel usually which gives an overall protection to the whole machine.

With this design, a zero turn mower is almost undefeatable as the steel body can ensure protection from rust, wind or water. Besides the sheer durability of the material of a zero turn mower, it would also be subjected to less activity as we know that such type of mower is capable of finishing the task in half the average mowing time and double the efficiency of a typical lawn mower. This fact promises less wear and tear with time and it includes the tires, the external body and the engine along with the additional accessories. And as a result, a long lasting life can be guaranteed with the durability of a zero turn mower.


The fun on mowing with a zero turn mower is added with this tiny but an effective feature which allows the person to ride the mower while cutting grass. With a typical lawn mower, a person needs to walk behind the mowers and to be perfectly clear, most people who have experienced this will say “aye” to it being an unpleasant experience.

Getting to ride with the mower while mowing the grass decreases physical strain which is common for people walking behind the mower. With less physical strain, a person can avoid muscle fatigue and lesser strength will be exerted while mowing the lawn and as a result a person can cover more area while enabling the person to walk faster as well.

There is also an option to add a canopy to zero turn mowers. It is a common perception that mowing is performed on hot and sunny days, and for most of the part it is true because how else would one mow the lawn during a storm, rain or snowfall? So, with the addition of a canopy, a person can be shielded from the sun which prevents sunburn or possible sunstroke.

Value for money

It is only natural that a zero turn mower would cost more than a traditional lawn mower as it can perform with more efficiency and versatility as compared to a normal lawn mower. Besides that, it can also perform tasks that go beyond lawn mowing as it was discussed above. Some zero turn mowers also have the ability to plow snow with the help of a snow plow which is usually attached at the rear. It should also be mentioned that some mowers can mulch the lawn while cutting the grass, and this feature is excellent in spreading the grass as manure while cutting grass at the same time. With a zero turn mower, the possibilities are endless and all of them are achieved while cutting back the average mowing time by at least 50% to 60%.

So even though a customer may be paying one time lump sum of money which may seem steep at the beginning especially if the price is compared to a typical lawn mower, there is long term saving. Speaking of which, the efficiency of the mower cuts back the usage of the fuel by almost half of the average fuel usage. This in turn, saves a huge amount of money as well. If you prefer not to spend any money at all on fuel, there are battery-operated zero turn mowers available as well.

With a high ratio of guarantee and warranty with a zero turn mower, it is only fair that the internal and the external body of the machine come with high durability as well. A zero turn mower can be expected to work for at least 10-15 years if proper maintenance is given. When the years of service is compared to the price you pay initially for a zero turn mower, it is considered a bargain.


As read above, a zero turn mower has more advantages to offer than disadvantages. On a brief note, a zero turn mower has everything to offer which includes ease-of-use, efficiency, durability and value for money. Of course, there are cheaper options, but zero turn mowers are here to stay and if true quality is what you are aiming for, there really is no question on if you should be opting for one. For hardcore lawn owners, zero turn mowers will serve your purpose and more than just that, it will give your lawn a professional makeover, every time your lawn gets a trim!